Is your high school Spanish class a distant memory? Here's a quick guide to some essential terms :

Spanish : English definition

Ácido : Acidic, sour like citrus

Aroma : Bouquet or the scent of a wine in the glass

Amargo : Bitter

Barrica : Barrel

Blanco : White, such as white wine.

Botella : Bottle

Catar : To taste

Catador : Taster -- ready to join the club?

Cena : Dinner

Cepa : Grape varietal, such as Merlot or Carménère.

Cerveza : Beer (Bet you didn't forget that one)

Cocina : Kitchen

Cocinar : To cook

Comida : Food

Compartir : To share

Copa : Drinking glass

Corcho : Cork

Corpulento : Full-bodied, lots of tannins

Dulce : Sweet

Espécies : Spices

Fruta del Bosque : "Fruit of the forest" meaning berries

Fruta madura : Ripe fruit

Lagar Bodega : Winery

Lúpulo : Hops

Madera : Wood

Mesa : Table

Mosto : Juice from the grape

Ñapa : From the Quechua word "Yapa" meaning added value or bonus. There's lots of ñapa in our more-than-a-wine-club / más que un club de vinos.

Plato : Plate or dish

Roble : Oak

Sabor : Flavor

Sobremesa : They say there is no translation, only the tradition of time shared around the table after a delicious meal.

Tanino : Tannin

Terruño : Terroir, or the natural environment where a wine is produced, taking into account the soil, climate, and geography.

Tinto : Literally "ink" but indicates red wine.

Uva : Grape

Vendimia : Harvest

Vino : Wine (you didn't forget that one either, did you?)

Viña : Vine or vineyard

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