It’s almost here! To celebrate, this month we’ve pushed up our wine club release to this Sunday, the 19th. This way, we can offer you wines that will pair with the flavors of Thanksgiving.

After much deliberation, we’ve decided that for this month we want to focus on natural wines. We did so for two reasons:

  1. A wider array of flavors. Since everyone’s Turkey-day spread differs, the sheer number of flavors that natural wines showcase allows you to confidently pour these wines knowing they will work with all the different flavors on the table
  2. As you know, we take pride in using our wine club as a way to introduce you to new things. We feel that the push towards winemaking techniques that showcase the intricacies of the grapes and the lands they come from fits this mission very well.

***If you are not fully introduced to the concept of “natural wines,” please have a look at this blog post we did a few months back that goes into detail about the style.***

For the white this month, we went with a beauty from Penedes called Finca Parera Clar. Made from xarel-lo, a bit of gewürtraminer and a touch of chardonnay, this clear, pale-lemon colored wine has a clean, pronounced nose full of tropical fruit, flowers, and minerals. It’s completely dry and medium bodied. Expect generous citrus flavors and good acidity, along with a surprisingly creamy mouth-feel.

For the red in this iteration of the wine club, we’ve chosen the Rogue Vine, Grand Itata Tinto 2015. This sensual and elegant red comes from the Itata valley in Chile. The blend is 95% Cinsault - a close relative of the Pinot Noir grape that seldom grows elsewhere in the world - and 5% Pais. These particular vines grow in granite rich soils, and were planted over 50 years ago. To give you an idea of how seriously the winemaker wants to replicate forgotten approaches, he literally tills the vineyard using a horse. The wine’s flavors consist of a slightly herbal, savory backbone alongside wild red berries.

Please join us Sunday to taste wines that will put these two in context. As always, whatever we taste during the release party will be 10% OFF, as will all past wine club wines. We look forward to seeing you, and would love to hear your plans for this most glorious of holidays!


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