We’ve all seen this scene: the sports star, business person, or celebrity walking down a spiral staircase into a 100,000 bottle wine cellar. While fascinating, and beautiful, it can be a bit disheartening. But don’t let scenes like this one deter you from finding wine you like - but think will age into something you love - and grabbing 2-3 bottles to lay down. Here are some tips and tricks for finding space to store wine in even the tightest apartments.

Get a wine fridge

Ok, this might not be in everyone’s budget. However, wine fridges offer the best way to ensure that your wine stays at the right temperature and humidity.

But if that doesn’t work for you…

Rearrange your cabinets and put a wine rack in one

Wine racks, unlike wine fridges, cost next to nothing. Usually they hold 12 bottles, but with some types you can fit a few extra on the top. If you clear enough cabinet space, you may even find space for two! This is ideal, because then you can use one rack to store everyday wine, and the other for savers. If you only have one, designate one side for savers, the other for daily sippers.

To find one, check out Amazon or an estate sale. Ideally, you want one that folds up so you can more easily squeeze it into a tight space.

The key here is that the wine is stored on its side. Any wine you expect to be in the same spot for more than a few months should be on its side. This keeps the wine inside in contact with the cork, preventing it from drying out and allowing extra oxygen into the bottle.

Added bonus: you’ll get rid of that bag of mung beans you bought 3 years ago you promised yourself you’d use all the time!

Got a basement? Use it!

Wine likes to live in cool, dark places that are slightly damp and don’t change temperature. Sounds pretty similar to a basement, huh? If the basement is dusty or a little dirty, have no fear. If it floods, stay away. If you do choose a basement, you can get a larger wine rack and store a few cases at a time.

One of our Catadores' home rig. Forgive the Bailey's!

One of our Catadores' home rig. Forgive the Bailey's!

In a closet

You know you have too many clothes and not enough wine. Donate a few bags and clear space for two or three cases of wine. Just remember to always store wine on it’s side!

Under the bed

We can’t assure you of how your friends will judge you for this, but under the bed is actually a perfect place. Just make sure the wine isn’t near an open air vent. Plus, since it’ll be a bit of a pain to get out, it’ll help keep you disciplined so you’ll actually age the wine as long as you should.

Places you should NEVER store your wine

Unfortunately, it’s probably exactly where you do store your wine. Luckily, if your drinking the wine pretty quickly, you can store it just about anywhere. We’re talking about medium to long term here, or more than two months.

The refrigerator

There are worse places, but the problem with a refrigerator is that its very dry inside, and it’s difficult to keep wine on its side. If the wine has a screw cap or artificial cork, have no fear.

The counter next to the stove

We know, having wine at arms length while cooking is tempting, maybe even necessary. But don’t let it live there. The constant change in temperature, plus the wine standing up, will not bode well for its long-term health.

Near anything that will change its temperature

Steer clear of vents, radiators, and appliances that might raise and lower the temperature constantly. While about 50 degree is ideal for wine storage, a constant temperature is the most important factor.

We hope this inspires you to think about ageing wine yourself, or at least feeling comfortable getting extra bottles of something you love so you know you’ll have it for multiple special occasions. ¡Chao!


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