join grand cata's wine club

"More than a wine club" 


join grand cata's wine club

"More than a wine club" 

Why do we have a Wine Club?

We dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best from our culture by showcasing wines from Latin America and what we call the "Heritage Nations" of España, Portugal and Italy. With our Wine Club, we want to help guide you on your journey to becoming a true Catador.

What we offer

Two Wines per Month: Generally, the wines will be a selection from Latin America and/or the Heritage Nations. Each month will adhere to a theme. Sometimes, we may choose a wine from a region outside of those we focus on in the store to provide better context for the theme of that month. Our goal is to introduce you to new favorites, and/or show you superb bottles from the more well known regions we carry. It's all about educating your palate!

A Release Party: On the last Sunday of each month, we offer exclusive tastings, mercadito samples, and the chance to meet other club members while collecting your package, with in-store pick-up gatherings. Note: during months with big holidays, we move the release party to the Sunday before that holiday. 

A Free Gift: We throw in a little something to say thank you that contextualizes the wines being offered.

Extra Perks: On top of the wines, release party and free gift, we also offer a bunch of special perks and deals to our Wine Club members.

  • Discounts on special events and our Wine Classes on Demand

  • An email 24 hours before tickets for events go on sale, giving members the opportunity to ensure a spot

  • Pay-as-you-go membership.

  • 10% off all past Wine Club wines we still have available. This includes wines from before you signed up.

Month to Month: $40.00 + Tax = $44.10 (Join here)

3 Months: $120 - 10% discount + Tax = $118.80 (Join here)

6 Months: $244 - 15% discount + Tax = $224.40 (Join here)


We want you to expand your palate: ALL wine styles are considered for our wine club: Whites, reds, roses, orange, sparkling, dessert...even a fortified wine or a vermouth might make the cut.

Sorry folks, no substitution: membership to our wine club will be honored as described above. Thank you for choosing our vino club and please drink (responsibly!) more latino wine.

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