Grand Cata's Wine Club


Grand Cata's Wine Club


Grand Cata offers two wines with a complimentary ñapa when you attend in-store pick-up gatherings every month.

Two hand-selected bottles: Month to Month: $40.00 + $4 tax = $44 

Delivery in the District of Columbia available. 

Exclusive invite to special events and annual wine club tasting gatherings.

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Become a professional catador: We dedicate our work to bring you the best from our culture, showcasing latin american wines and heritage nations: España, Portugal and Italy. Always focusing on seasonal styles and indigenous funky varietals. All vinos have been tasted and approved by Grand Cata. 


We want you to expand your palate: ALL wine styles are considered for our wine club: Whites, reds, roses, orange, sparkling, dessert...even a fortified wine or a vermouth might make the cut. 

Sorry folks, no substitution: membership to our wine club will be honored as described above. Thank you for choosing our vino club and please drink responsibly more latino wine.