• Grand Cata, Latin Wine Shop (map)
  • 1550 7th Street Northwest
  • Washington, DC, 20001
  • United States

We are SO thrilled to host yet another South American Wine Festival with eight winemakers visiting from Argentina and Chile! Two of them are recipients of Grand Cata winemaker of the year award, 2017 and 2018.

With the support of Brazos Imports on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th 5-8pmwe will have the honor to taste some amazing wines from the following producers:

  • Rafael Tirado, Laberinto Wines, Chile, Winemaker of the year, 2017

  • Julio Donoso, Montsecano Wines, Chile

  • David Marcel, Viña Maitia, Chile

  • Pedro Parra a.k.a. Terroir Hunter, Clos Des Fous, Chile

  • José Luis Bastias, Gonzalez Bastias, Chile

  • Eduardo Soler, Ver Sacrum, Argentina, Winemaker of the year, 2018

  • José LoVaglio Balbo, Vaglio Wines, Argentina

  • Juanpi Michelini, SuperUco Wines, Argentina

Join us for a memorable evening full of delicious wines and take advantage of bringing many bottles home with a mix and match offer of 10% OFF six-bottles, 15% OFF twelve bottles purchases. See you soon amigxs!

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