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Join us to meet the owner of Piùcinque Gin in our #DailyCata presenting (2) complimentary cocktail samples and antipasti.

  1. The name "Piùcinque", which means "plus five" in Italian, comes from the first recipe that was used to create the gin. Once the balance of the ten botanicals was defined, the next focus was to work on their intensity. As the team was analyzing different combinations, they only found one with the perfect alchemy. This bottle was tagged by the master distiller with the wording "plus five" (as there was a greater intensity of five of the ten botanicals) and for this reason the name Piùcinque was naturally born. The flavors of sage, bergamot, and ginger are what make this gin stand out.

  2. Botanical Aromatics : 

    Wormwood Flowering Peaks

  3. Tasting Notes : 

    Crystal clear, with instant and persistent aromas of citrus and fresh notes gently moving into the warmer tones of wormwood and almond. On the palate, the herbal notes pleasantly echo the aromas and the finish is long, dry, and exquisite.

  4. Distillation Process : 

    Bain-marie a.k.a. a doube-boiler still is utilized to produce a discontinuous distillation.

  5. Distilled in :  Just outside of Turin in Piemonte, Italy

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