It’s officially summer at Grand Cata! Our rosé table is in full force, the fridge is packed with every shade of beautiful pink juice there is, and the weather builds a thirst that can only be quenched by a freezing cold glass of rosé!

We take great pride in our role in bringing rosé into the spotlight by finding and promoting excellent bottles that change perceptions and taste amazing. We want you to feel confident that when you reach for a bottle of rosé in our shop, it’s something truly special, interesting, and fun.

In keeping with this, we’ve decided to focus on rosé for this month’s release. Both hail from South America - one from each coast, in fact. The first, a light salmon colored selection that is a textbook Provence-style. It’s light, citrusy, super fresh, and infinitely poundable. A true poolside wine, from the Atlantic coast in Uruguay, this wine comes from Grazón, a producer we can’t get enough of. Descorchados named this wine the best rosé in South America this year!

For the other, we travel to the Pacific coast in Chile. It comes from Erasmos, another producer we absolutely love, and the only one to have two wines featured in our wine club. It’s a more robust rosé, in both texture and color. This wine has striking flavors of young strawberries, summer flowers, and crunchy minerals. Drink it with grilled salmon, and thank us later!

We will release these two beauts this Sunday, starting at 2pm. We’ll have other rosés open to taste, and we’ll also have a seasonally appropriate cocktail on hand for you to taste. It promises to be a fun party! See you Sunday!


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