Where the grapes for the Fronton de Oro Rosado come from!

Where the grapes for the Fronton de Oro Rosado come from!

Wine Club time! With this release, we focus on the Canary Islands, places of such beauty that some speculate descriptions of the mythical island of Elysium - where ancient Gods and Heroes would go to rest in the afterlife - are inspired by them. True or not, we can’t imagine a better way to spend eternity than sipping on wines from the Canary Islands, surrounded by their unparalleled beauty and tranquility!

For the first wine, we went with a Rosado made from a combination of Listán Negro, Listán Prieto, and Vijariego. We thought it would be a nice send off for Rosé season to include the type of Rosé you can drink year round!

Made by Bodega Frontón de Oro, the wine has a rich yet refreshing texture, with an excellent balance between fruit and savory notes. Antonio Ramírez purchased the land where the grapes grow for this wine in 1977 as a place to grow vegetables for his family. Nestled in the hills around a town called La Lechuza - known locally as “El Frontón” - the land lent itself well to grape growing. In 1999, Antonio’s sons Pedro and Antonio began bottling wine to sell locally. Now we have the pleasure of introducing their wine to you!

For the second offering, we have a bottle of 100% Listán Negro by Dolores Cabrera Fernández. Truly a perfect introduction to fall, the wine has a light spice on the finish, a lean texture with a touch of tannins, and notes of red fruits and wisps of smoke. Dolores is a special talent, melding tradition with her own creativity into a truly spectacular wine.

The release party for Wine Club happens on Sunday. From 2pm until 6, we will have delicious contextual wines open to help you discover breadth of styles for the Canary Islands.


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