We’re super proud of our Wine Club. Each month, you get 2 bottles of wine, a gift, and tasting notes. You also have a chance to join us for the release party the last Sunday of each month!

Technically, we host these parties for everyone. You don’t need to be a Wine Club member to attend and enjoy the festivities. In fact, a good portion of our members grabbed their first Wine Club selection by showing up to the party to wrap their heads around the program before taking the plunge.

So what can you expect? First off, we never taste the wines we selected. We want you to taste them for the first time however you see fit. We always, however, offer contextual wines to taste throughout the event. We want to educate through Wine Club, so we take the release party as an opportunity to showcase wines that illuminate something about the ones in the bag you take home.

Take our Bolivian themed release. For one of the wines for that month, we chose a Torrontés from the Samaipata Valley. La Salta, in Argentina, shares a similar climate phenomenon to Samaipata, because it is part of the same mega-area that encompasses southeastern Bolivia and northwestern Argentina. By sampling a Torronés from La Sala at the party, we wanted to point out how the two wines are obviously from the same grape, but have distinct differences based on the terroir of each valley.

On top of multiple wines open to taste, we often invite over vendors from around DC crafting something we’re really into. We’ve had Peruvian Brothers out, Arepa Zone, Harper Mackaw chocolate, just to name a few, and we’ve got some great ones in the works.

While all the delicious things to drink and snack on are great, our favorite part of the Wine Club release party is the community atmosphere it fosters. We’ve seen many Wine Club members become great friends with other members they met at a release party, and many people come as much to see each other as grab the Wine Club!

Laid back, educational, and above all, fun, if you haven’t made it to one, we’d love to see you at the next one! You don’t have to attend the release party to get your Wine Club - the bags remain available most of the month following the release - it’s an experience that completes your membership. Come join us at the next one!



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