As lovers of all wine, we enjoy just about anything during the summer season. Believe it or not, there are plenty of reds that are appropriate for scorching summer days. However, during said scorchers, you have to pay close attention to the temperatures of our wines. We always recommend storing your reds in your fridge (if you are going to pop the cork that day or the day after) or investing in a climate controled wine cooler to maintain the temperature of all of your precious wine inventory. 

We are big fans of the coastal and island reds from the Mediterranean basin (Catalonia, Calabria, Balear Islands, Sardegna, Sicily), north Atlantic Ocean Islands (Canary Islands, Azores), and coastal California and Chile. Such grapes as País (a.k.a. Listán Negro, Misión, Criolla), Nerello Mascalese, Frapatto, Cannonau, Pinot Noir, Garnacha, Cinsault - to mentioned a few of our favorites - benefit from colder temperature when you enjoyed them. Your target should be around the 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Here are some key reasons to chill reds: enhance the aromatics, acidity, tannins, fruits and minerals with the right "cold" temperature. On the contrary if you drink red wine at room temperature (meaning in DC 90 degrees Fahrenheit) the wines will be aggressive, bitter and the alcohol will take over your palate - not a great way to enjoy your wine!


We recommend putting your bottles in the cooler for 30 minutes, uncorking, trying / "catar" the wine and pop it back in for another 5-10 minutes and then it will be ready to be enjoyed. If you are enjoying wine surrounded by mother nature, stick those bottles in your cooler with your beers and other adult refreshments. 

We think of food as wine and wine as food because they always compliment each other. The right food with the right wine during cookouts represent some of life's best wins. 

Please drink responsibly and enjoy your verano of chilled reds! 


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