Our esteemed neighbors just south of the border deserve significant consideration when planning your next vacation. Just a short flight away, México is full of history, diversity, folklore, and culture, as well as award wining gastronomy, art, films and music. It’s also home to plenty of historic libations, from pulque, tequila, mezcal, wines and beers, to enjoy during your stay. For the fifth time, our co-founder Pedro visited this beautiful country full of contrast, culinary traditions and amazing natural landscapes. There’s a reason he continues to go back! 

A few of many reasons: if you love to eat, drink, explore museums, archaeological sites, fútbol, live music, visiting natural wonders, México is the right place for you. In his recent trip he visited for the second time Mexico City, nowadays known as CDMX. This humongous metropolis is home to over 8 million Mexicans plus 12 million more in the “Estado de Mexico,” the state that surrounds Mexico City. 

Being the capital, you will find the best Mexico has to offer. Mexican folks are super welcoming, warm and humble. If you know Spanish, you will make friends right away. Ciudad de Mexico sits on what once was a lake - yes, a lake! - and is full of pre-Hispanic history. The flag of Mexico tells you why the Aztec empire settled in this area after sighting and confirming the legend of an eagle eating a snake on top of a nopal “cactus tree”. Once a thriving meso-america empire, the Aztecs felt into the grip of Spanish “conquistadores” in search of gold and concluded with the establishment of the New Spain.


Today, within the fast paced life of Ciudad de Mexico you can find history all around you with modern and contemporary treasures. First you have to visit the Zócalo, stroll around the first settlements and architectural marvels the city has to offer. Visit Palacio Nacional, Templo Mayor, Palacio de Bellas Artes and the murals of famous historic artist and political activist Diego Rivera. Just west, you also have to visit Parque Chapultepec and then step into the National Museum of Anthropology, a must visit for history fans. Then if you are feeling fancy, stroll around the streets of Polanco, window shop and book a reservation (at least 1 month in advance) to renowned chef Enrique Olvera’s famous “Pujol” restaurant. 

For the explorer in you, visit the areas of Condesa, Roma and Zona Rosa to bar-hop like the locals and delight yourself if amazing gastronomy, cafes and boutique shops. 

Here are a few of Pedro’s favorite:

Alba, Cocina Local Restaurant/Wine Bar (Mexican ingredients with French technique) 

Cicatriz Cafe-Bar (Hipster Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner/Wine Bar)

Café NIN (Bakery, Breakfast, Brunch)  

La Nacional Bar (Agave/Craft-Beer heaven) 

CampoBaja Restaurant (All Baja California seafood restaurant) 

Lemontour: Top 50 Cocktail Bar in the world

SI-MON wine bar (All Mexican wine-list + local snacks)

Mercado Roma (Food Hall, full of surprises) 

Of course, don’t be afraid of having the full experience of street food! There’s amazing street food full of traditional tacos, tortas “sandwiches,” and many more delightful snacks all around the city. If you see locals eating it, you must try it!

If you want to expand your experience you can always book a tour to Xochimilco, the “Venice of Mexico City,” and explore the first settlements of New Spain in Coyoacán where you can visit Frida Kahlo’s museum. 

Mexico deserves your attention, after all it’s the 6th most visited destination in the world!



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