We’ve covered a lot of topics in “A La Carta.” From volcanic soil and how it affects wine made from grapes grown in it, to how best to store wine if you’re low on space, to how magical a substance cork is, we do our best to enlighten you on concepts we think you’ll find interesting. We figure it’s time to dive into how wine gets made!

So, we’ve decided to launch a monthly series on how wine goes from grapes on the vine to wine in the bottle. We’ll cover topics ranging from crushing the grapes, fermentation (did you know there’s more than one type?) to barrel aging, to actually putting the wine in the bottle, and everything in between!

We also have an ace up our sleeves on this one. Our esteemed Catadora, Claire Corbin, is an assistant winemaker over at District Winery!  She’ll be consulting with us to help us explain things, and will write a couple of the more technical pieces that concern techniques and concepts she really loves about her job.

So stay tuned! We’ll have our first installment coming out Tuesday, January 15th. And if you have any buring winemaking questions, feel free to reach out with them!


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