Strategically located at the eastern entry point of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico - or as locals call it "Borinquen" - is an archipelago full of rich history, culture and, of course, amazing food, music, hospitality and beaches. 

Our co-founder's Pedro native land was devastated by a natural disaster last year but it's slowly making a comeback! You visit and show your support by bringing a bit of joy to the Puerto Rican folks. We came up with a must-do list of places to go in the island capital to hang-out as a local! 

Viejo San Juan " Old San Juan" 

  1. El Morro, One of the oldest Spanish fortress in the Americas
  2. Cuartel de Ballajá "Museum of the Americas"
  3. San Sebastian street (bar-hopping)
  4. Taberna del Lúpulo (Craft beer bar)
  5. La Factoria (Craft Cocktail Bar) Top 50 Bars of the World
  6. La Bombonera (Classic Bakery)
  7. Paseo de la Princesa (Malecón at the Bay)
  8. Catedral de San Juan (San Juan Catedral)
  9. El Jibarito Restaurant 
  10. Barrachina (Birthplace of Piña Colada) 


  1. La Ventana al Mar (Live music and bars)
  2. Cocina Abierta Restaurant 
  3. Cayo Caribe Restaurant 
  4. Kasalta Bakery (Obama eat here a Cuban medianoche)
  5. Sobao Bakery
  6. Yerba Buena Restaurant
  7. La Bodeguita de Manolo (Wine Bar - Tapas)
  8. The House (Wine Shop)


  1. La Placita de Santurce (Local hang-out, bars, restaurants) 
  2. José Enrique Restaurant
  3. Lote 23 (Food Trucks + Bars)
  4. La Respuesta (Live Music Venue + Bar) 
  5. Esquina Watusi (local dive bar "chinchorro")
  6. Calle Loiza (row of local bars and restaurants): El Tap, La Coctelera, Pal West
  7. Casita Miramar Restaurant 


  1. Ocean Park
  2. Isla Verde


  1. Plaza Las Americas 
  2. Calle del Cristo and Fortaleza (Old San Juan)

What to drink and eat:

  1. Mofongo: smashed plantain with garlic, pork rind, adobo
  2. Fried Pork with tostones 
  3. Alcapurrias (Crab or Meat) 
  4. Coffee: order Cortado or Cafe con leche (oscurito) 
  5. Mallorca with ham, egg and cheese
  6. Quesitos: puff pastry with cream cheese
  7. Pastelitos de Guayaba
  8. Arroz con gandules 
  9. Bacalaitos (Cod fish fritter) 
  10. Seafood Salad: conch fish, octopus
  11. Medalla and Magna (Local Beers) 
  12. Ocean Lab (Local Brewery)
  13. Boqueron Brewery (Local Brewery)
  14. FOK Brewery (Local Brewery)
  15. Ron del Barrilito with coconut water
  16. Don Q Bacardi please
  17. Chichaito (Anis liqueur with rum) comes flavored with tropical fruits
  18. Pitorro (Puerto Rican Moonshine) comes flavored with tropical fruits

The best times of the year to visit are either between November and April (Not as humid and rainy), or if you want to become a true boricua, come experience the longest holiday season in the world. It starts right after Thanksgiving Day and finishes with Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian the third weekend in January. Seriously...third weekend of January. 

As always if planning on visiting you can always stop by the shop and ask Pedro for more details about your visit to Puertorro! 



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