We’d like to give a huge “thank you” to the Chilean Embassy for helping us throw another super successful event in the shop! On Tuesday, September 4th, we packed the place with new faces alongside some of our favorite regulars. Below are just a few of our favorite things about the event!

Graced with the presence of a Dignitary

The Chilean Ambassador, Mr. Alfonso Silva, made the time in his busy schedule to spend with us! We are incredibly honored!

Vinos Chilenos

As always, the wine stole the show (as it should!). Representatives from some of our best distributor friends came out to pour and teach guests about their respective offerings. While we loved all of them, a couple did really stand out. We did an informal poll of guests and Catadores, and these three seemed to be pretty universally loved:

Leyda Pinot Noir - A hauntingly beautiful, subtle offering from the cold-climate region of the Leyda valley. Leyda sits right off the Pacific ocean. That far south in Chile, and this translates to chilly nights and temperate days. The result is a wine more herbal than fruity. It has a soft-spoken personality and elegant structure, but plenty to say without being fragile. A true gem.

El Incidente Carmenere - Named for a near catastrophe involving a hot-air balloon that has become lore at the winery, El Incidente will definitely stick with you! While it was the priciest bottle showcased, it represents how Chilean wine, even at higher price points, are still bargains. Wine of this quality from France, for example, would cost twice as much.  

Falernia Carmenere - It’s not a coincidence carmenere showed up twice here. It truly is Chile’s signature grape. At $18 a bottle, it’s a perfect everyday sipper.

Beyond Wine

Besides wine, we also offered up delicious empanadas, kept a constant soundtrack of traditional folk "cueca" music wafting through the air, and even had representatives from one of our favorite bottled waters, Andes Mountain Water. Those of you that enjoy Vichy Catalan for its minerality should check out Andes’ sparkling. A higher concentration of magnesium gives it a nice round, smooth and slightly sweet taste that would go gorgeously with some vermouth, a splash of rum, and a slice of orange.


Grand Cata would be nothing more than an idea without the amazing support you, our customers, show us everyday. We always enjoy the opportunity to chat with you, learn about what is going on in your lives, and hear your opinions and observations about the wines we pour and events we host.


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